BPO is a growing sector worldwide with an industry worth over $500 Billion pent-up demand. India, Sri Lanka and Philippines are currently leading the worldwide BPO industry where their market sizes are worth $80 billion, $2 billion and $16 billion respectively.

To capture the worldwide BPO industry our country has the following advantages -

  • Competitive cost advantage over other emerging countries.
  • Declared as a thrust sector by the Government of Bangladesh.
  • Located in geographically advantageous location in terms of Time Zone.
  • Currently, only around 25,000 people are involved in the BPO sector in Bangladesh.

BPO Summit Bangladesh 2016 is a ICT Division, Department of ICT and BACCO collaborative initiative at a global level which is the second BPO summit of Bangladesh .The aim of the summit is to establish Global recognition of Bangladesh as the preferred destination of choice for Business Process Outsourcing, identify challenges and develop national level policy, and to create a skilled workforce. It is a congregation of all the relevant stakeholders under one roof to accelerate the BPO vision 2021 which are-

  • To seek and adopt global innovation and best practices
  • To create the right value proposition and environment to attract both domestic and foreign investment and clients
  • To celebrate and showcase to the world the success stories of BPO industry of Bangladesh
  • To ensure BPO as a preferred way to a lasting middle income career capitalizing the power of our youths with the support of their family and friends
  • To instill awareness on the benefits and impact of BPO industry in the country and the path to the realization of the vision of digital 2021.

The two day long Summit will take place on the 28th and 29th July 2016 hosting-

  • Over 50+ Local Speakers
  • Over 20+ International Speakers
  • More than 10+ Seminars and,
  • Above 25,000 Core Community Visitors

The outcome of this BPO Summit is to create employment opportunities for 200,000 youth by 2021 through different programs in partnership with governments, organizations and other companies .Plus, the summit includes programs engaging youth to imagine and develop their potential by connecting them to further opportunities in skill development, employment and entrepreneurship, discuss policy and process on infrastructure readiness, E-Governance, confronting challenges, women empowerment and create social awareness and acceptance of the industry.

Finally this Summit will help the BPO sector of Bangladesh to streamline a road-map with proper collaborations and policy support to become a USD 1 Billion industry by 2021 and contribute prominently towards the GDP growth of the nation’s economy.